Donations from charitable trusts and foundations play a vital role in funding research into Sepsis. They play a crucial role in our work at Sepsis Research.

We constantly need your support so that we can continue to fight sepsis on every front: through research, awareness, information and campaigning.

The support of trusts and foundations enables us to:

  • fund world class medical research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • provide information to NHS professionals
  • raise awareness amongst the public to ensure everyone know the signs and symptoms of the sepsis

Recent charitable gifts from trusts have allowed us to fund more ground-breaking research projects than ever before. We are confident that the results from these projects will lead to improved diagnostic tools and treatments and can further our understanding of sepsis.

If you are a Trustee of a Trust or Foundation or know someone who is and would like to make a difference in the search for a better understanding of sepsis, please consider supporting Sepsis Research.

For further information please contact us here.