We are Sepsis Research. We fund essential research into sepsis

Thanks to your generous donations, we are now co-funding pioneering research being undertaken at the world-leading Roslin Institute.

Our initial focus was looking at the role that genes play in how likely people are to die from Sepsis, to help speed up the search for new treatments. Now, with the rapidly spreading global pandemic, COVID-19, the team have been asked to use the infrastructure created for Sepsis Research, to help provide important answers to the questions on this disease to aid in the fight against it.

What we’re doing to support the fight against COVID-19

Thanks to additional funding, the team at the Roslin Institute are able to start a new study into this strand of Coronavirus, COVID-19, and work to learn more about the disease and how to combat it. The team will work to collect samples and data from patients with confirmed cases to learn more about the disease and provide real-time updates and information which can be used to help control the outbreak and establish treatment options.

We’re incredibly proud that our partnership with the Institute, will allow the team to jump start the research into COVID-19. Over the next year, the Institute will recruit a minimum of 1,300 patients to begin their research. Researchers hope that within months results will be processed and released to help combat the spread of the disease.

This is why now, more than ever, we need your help. We need your help to support the team in their work combatting this disease, and continuing to support our work to invest more into research into Sepsis in the future. If you’re able to spare a contribution of any size, big or small, it will go a long way, click here to donate.

What we’re doing to support the fight against Sepsis

While this awful disease and the news surrounding it has been sweeping the nation, we’ve wanted to do what we can to help, but have not forgotten our purpose, to help stop sepsis. Our focus for the future is to keep striving towards a better understanding of sepsis and its symptoms, so we can reduce the number of deaths from sepsis to zero. We’re working hard, and with your generous donations and fundraising activity, are supporting the Institute with the GenOMICC Study. Read more about the study and the work being done by Dr Kenneth Baillie and the team here.