Join Sock it to Sepsis 2020 to mark World Sepsis Day on the 13th of September and Sepsis Awareness Month!

Sock it to sepsis

Join us this September for World Sepsis Day, sepsis awareness month and our Sock it to Sepsis Campaign! Together, let’s raise awareness of sepsis and help fund vital research into the early detection of the condition and its treatment.

Sepsis is a global problem. According to a recent findings, published in the Lancet report, it is now estimated that sepsis deaths account for one in five of all deaths around the World. That’s more than Cancer!

Each year during the month of September, we run our flagship fundraiser – Sock it to Sepsis! During this month-long event, we ask our supporters to take part in fundraising activities to raise money for Sepsis Research (FEAT). We mark World Sepsis Day on the 13th September with our World Sepsis Day event to help raise awareness. Find out more about our World Sepsis Day plans here!

This year for our Sock it to Sepsis campaign, we’re sharing stories of sepsis. We’re looking for volunteers to share short video stories about your experiences. Whether you’ve been personally affected by sepsis or you’re a health professional or volunteer helping to fight the condition, we want to hear from you! We need people from all walks of life, from across the country, to share your sepsis stories. Get in touch with our team today to share your story.

Fundraising for Sock it to Sepsis

We need your help to raise money to fund vital research into Sepsis! There’s lots of ways to fundraise – even with social distancing in place. For ideas an suggestions on how you can take part or organise a fundraising event of your own, register below to receive our Sock it to Sepsis fundraising pack!

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