Join Sock it to Sepsis 2019 to mark World Sepsis Day!

World Sepsis Day on 13th September is a worldwide awareness day to highlight sepsis and raise funds to help #StopSepsisNow.

This year please help us by taking part in our campaign, Sock it to Sepsis, all through September.

We want to raise £52,000 to help pay for vital research to help improve sepsis diagnosis. Someone dies of Sepsis in the UK every four hours – more than 52,000 deaths each year – so your fundraising support is hugely important.

#SockItToSepsis Social Media Campaign

We’re also running a social media campaign inviting people to donate throughout September so please remember to like and share with your followers, so we can raise awareness with as many people as possible. And remember to use the hashtag #SockItToSepsis thanks!

Here are some of our Sock It To Sepsis pictures so far.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

When thinking about fundraising, be as creative as you like and have fun! Remember to take photos and share them on our social media platforms and make sure you use the hashtags #sockittosepsis #WSD19 #StopSepsisNow.

Here are a few ideas for starters:

  • Dress down/up day: At school, at college, at work or as part of your sports club. Wear stripy socks, stripy tights, stripy pyjamas, stripy anything! It’s a simple, themed event in which everyone can take part.
  • Let’s party: Why not make it a striped or red and white theme for your birthday, wedding or anniversary? You could ask for donations from your guests instead of presents.
  • Fabulous food: Impress your family and friends with red and white or stripy food creations for a coffee morning, BBQ or dinner party.
  • Wine tasting: Your guests could sample a selection of red and white wines and pick  their favourite.
  • Everyone loves a challenge: Stir up a bit of competitive spirit in your local sports teams and community groups with red versus white team challenges.

You can also check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas to give you that extra bit of inspiration.

Handy Hints

  • Just Giving: you can make it easy for people to support your event by setting up a JustGiving page
  • Text Giving: even easier, you can ask your supporters to simply text SOCKITTOSEPSIS to 70085 to donate. You can give £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £15 and £20
  • Gift Aid: don’t forget, for each of your supporters who donates £1 to you, if they are paying tax, HMRC will give us an extra 25p
  •  Sell tickets: if you sell as many tickets as possible before an event, you know numbers in advance
  • Get your business on board: perhaps they’ll make a donation or allow you to hold a fundraising event at work. They might even match fund what you raise

Together we can work to #StopSepsisNow

Stay tuned for Sock it to Sepsis 2020!