The SEPS_IS Project

The SEPS_IS project is a collaboration between researchers working on sepsis in Scotland and our team here at Sepsis Research (FEAT).

The “SEPS_IS” campaign aims to increase the understanding of sepsis and how to spot the symptoms in Scottish secondary schools, raising awareness of the condition and helping save lives.

The campaign has two main aspects:

  1. We’ll provide learning materials, developed in collaboration with teachers, to introduce sepsis to pupils. The materials will help teach students about Sepsis, introducing them to the symptoms of the condition.
  2. We’ll then ask students to create an image or video which represents their interpretation of Sepsis, the assets created by pupils will be entered into a competition. Submissions will be judged by an interdisciplinary panel based on creativity and relevance. The overall winner of this competition will have their creative outcome selected as the ‘Face’ of the next Sepsis Research FEAT Campaign!

Some selected submissions will also be linked to state-of-the-art research being done to tackle sepsis in Scotland. To date, 14 schools have expressed an interest in being part of a pilot study – the overarching aim being to have sepsis as part of the curriculum.

Think your school would like to take part? Get in touch with our team today here, and we’ll send you more information on how to get involed.

In the spirit of the SEPS_IS image competition, this artwork from Melanie Jimenez is inspired from artist Helen Dardik. Thanks Melanie!