Our main objective and mission is to stop sepsis now

In addition to our main focus of research, we also work to increase awareness of sepsis amongst members of the public.

In 2019 we once again worked with the Scottish Government to co-fund a Scotland-wide public awareness campaign which aimed to increase awareness of the five early warning signs of the potentially fatal condition.

Colin Graham, our Chief Operating Officer, joined Dr Catherine Calderwood, the previous Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, and John Harden, National Clinical Lead for Quality and Safety at the campaign launch at the Roslin Institute.

The campaign featured a nationwide facebook campaign, radio features about sepsis on stations across Scotland, posters and flyers in hospitals, pharmacies and GP surgeries and bus advertising across Central Scotland.

It focused on promoting awareness of five symptoms:

  • very high or low temperature
  • uncontrolled shivering
  • confusion
  • passing less urine than normal
  • blotchy or cold hands and feet.

If we can help members of the public and health professionals to spot the symptoms of sepsis quickly, the likelihood of a successful outcome for treatment is far higher. If someone has two or more of the symptoms and they are getting rapidly worse, it is important to seek urgent medical advice.

The campaign built on the first successful Scotlandwide campaign which took place in 2018.

For more information, check out the NHS Inform website here