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A huge thank you to Fallon and everyone involved in organising the Fawn Findlay Foundation ball at the Glasgow Central hotel. An amazing event that raised a staggering £40,805!

“This is a very generous donation and a magnificent way for Fallon to remember her sister.

“This is a truly remarkable sum and we are enormously grateful for this extraordinary boost to our charity. The money will be used to help us fund vital research being carried out at the globally renowned Roslin Institute in Edinburgh aimed at finding better treatment and medicines for sepsis.

“I would to thank the Fawn Findlay Foundation for raising the highest donation we have ever received and thank them for their continuing support.”

Fawn Findlay was 31 when she died in September, last year, leaving behind husband Gareth and sons Shaw, 6 and Gary, 4.

Fawn passed away after ongoing issues she contracted after a cyst removal became septic.

Fawn originally planned to raise awareness and funds for sepsis herself, but it was after her passing that her sister, Fallon, decided to realise her ambition.

“We are delighted to have hosted such a fantastic event in memory of my sister, Fawn whilst raising awareness and monies for Sepsis Research,” said Fallon.

“This is something my sister had planned to do in 2019, so I’m pleased we have been able to fulfil her wishes.”

We are so grateful for your support. With your fundraising, we are able to undertake research and awareness campaigns for sepsis to help #StopSepsisNow. 

Thank you again.

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  1. Amazing so inspirational im so so sorry for your loss but amazing you are continuing to raise awareness of the killer Sepsis that took my soulmate of nearly eighteen years together Last October gone aged 39 he fell asleep in my arms in critical care a few weeks before his 40th birthday im utterly truamatised witnesing it all happen in front of my eyes im utterly devastated
    Thankyou all involved in raising awareness for this life changing most cruellest and tragic thing to happen to any of us in my thoughts and prayers stay blessed ?

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