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SEPSIS RESEARCH (FEAT) has appointed Colin Graham as its first Chief Operating Officer as the Scottish-based charity sets its sights on raising more money to fight the life-threatening illness.

Colin, a charity sector veteran with 21 years experience, will be responsible for developing awareness of the charity and overseeing its fundraising and marketing strategy.

He said: “Sepsis is a very dangerous illness and making people more aware of it and researching ways to prevent and tackle it are life-saving issues.

“Sepsis kills someone in Scotland every four hours. The annual death toll in Scotland alone is more than 4000 and across the UK it’s over 44,000.

“It’s a bigger killer than lung cancer and more people die from sepsis than the combined figure for breast cancer and bowel cancer. But unlike those diseases, there is no overall, clear picture of  the risk factors associated with it and we urgently need to increase research funding.”

Sepsis Research (FEAT – Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust) was founded by Craig Stobo in August 2013 in memory of his wife Dr Fiona Agnew and their daughter, Isla, who both died after contracting the illness.

Craig, who also survived sepsis, said: “The appointment of Colin reflects our aim of significantly growing our efforts to support research into sepsis through increased funding.

“Making people aware of sepsis is only half the battle. We also need to think about the future and understand how we can improve the detection, treatment and recovery care for people who have sepsis.”

For more information, please contact:

Colin Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Sepsis Research (FEAT) 077381 72730;

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