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We are delighted to announce our partnership with McClure Solicitors.

McClure Solicitors have been providing well informed advice since 1853. Today they specialise in Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning, helping clients to protect their assets and pass them on efficiently to their family.

As part of our partnership, McClure’s will be providing legal services such as a FREE Will writing service, a FREE Will Review service and a special Price Power of Attorney Service.

Andrew Robertson, Managing Director of McClure Solicitors said:
“Everyone benefits. You get the Will or Will review you need while Sepsis Research (FEAT) gets much needed funds. And if you like the McClure service, you might use us for other work in the future. Over 150 charities now trust us to provide our Estate Planning services for their clients. If they can trust us, so can you.”

Sepsis Research (FEAT) are delighted to be partnering with McClure Solicitors to offer a free will writing service for our supporters.  Making a will protects your loved ones after you die, and ensures your estate is safeguarded for your loved ones in the future.”  Colin Graham, Chief Operating Officer – Sepsis Research FEAT

For more information, please refer to our Legacy page.

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