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Dr Colin Begg, Sepsis Research Medical Committee Lead, has today announced the winners of the 2017 FEATURES Awards, fully funded by fundraising and donations from members of the public, thank you all so much!

The first of this year’s awards goes to Dr Brad Spiller, Prof Tim Walsh and their PhD student Uzma Basit Khan at Cardiff University School of Medicine. This group will use the money to look at Group B Streptococcus (aka “GBS”; scientific name Streptococcus agalactiae). GBS is a bacterium that is one of the more common causes of sepsis. It causes a particular problem of sepsis in newborn babies in the UK, because unlike many European countries, the UK does not screen and treat pregnant women. GBS is also a rare, but increasing, cause of sepsis in adults.

The second goes to Dr William Alazawi and his PhD student Kathryn Waller at Queen Mary, University of London. They will look at whether there is a way to predict which patients might be more at risk from sepsis after major surgery.

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