Celebrating an anniversary, birthday or wedding? Why not dedicate your celebration to Sepsis Research. Set up a JustGiving Page and ask for donations instead of gifts to support our vital work.

  • Fundraise at your wedding: Getting married? It’s a special time for you and the family. Simply ask your guests to make a donation instead of buying you a wedding present. Whatever you decide –congratulations and have a great day!
  • Birthday Pledge: Instead of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Sepsis Research with a birthday fundraiser. You could even be cheeky and ask them to donate a pound for every year?
  • Pin badge wedding favours: Our wedding favours come with a special pin badge.  It will be the perfect finishing touch to your big day.  Often donating to charity is more meaningful than traditional favours of whisky or chocolates.
  • Other special occasions: No matter what the occasion, be it an engagement, anniversary or christening, you can make the day extra special by raising money for Sepsis Research. Simply set up a JustGiving Page so your loved ones and friends can donate online.